South India

A look into South India

South India, commanly referred after Deccan, encompasses the present Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, and union teritorry of Pondicherry. Read about the Southern states right from the history, culture, people, language, travel, and much more. Learn more about the history of South India.

Goa Goa Karnataka Kerala Tamilnadu Andhra Pradesh Kerala Kerala Kerala Tamilnadu pondicherry Tamilnadu Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Goa pondicherry

Tamil Nadu has some of India's most magnificent ancient temples, which are still today active centres of religious practice.

Pondicherry now renamed Puducherry, has a different culture and retains a strong French influence, owing to it French colonisation in the recent past.

Kerala is rich in beautiful scenery as well as in cultural heritage, so beautiful naturally, that it is refered to as 'God's own country'.

Karnataka has a rich heritage and culture, and now has carved a reputation by being the information technology industry of India.

Andhra Pradesh has some of the region's most fascinating historic sites, with a rich tradition of Deccan culture and history. Recently, the state has been divided to form another state Telangana.

Goa is known world over for its popular beaches, and tourism is a big draw to this state with its own histrory and culture.


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